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Pop N’ Blast!


Are you ready for the challenge?

Pop N’ Blast is a puzzle and strategic game in which you pop cells to trigger chain reaction in order to clear a level or eliminate your opponents.

Two game modes are available:

  • Puzzle mode: More than 1,500 levels to solve!
  • Battle mode: Play against your friends or against your phone!


  • Two games in one
  • More than 1,500 challenging levels
  • Get hints to solve the puzzles
  • Up to 4 players in battle mode
  • Compete against 4 difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard and expert)
  • Relaxing gameplay
  • Customize your sounds (10+ music instruments)
  • Customize your cells shapes (10+ categories)
  • Unlock new battle fields!
  • Frequent adding of new levels
  • and more

Technical details

  • Made in C++ with Cocos2D
  • All 1,600 levels were automatically generated using tree search algorithms
  • Battle mode AI uses tree breadth-first search algorithm with custom heuristic.
  • Graphics were all made with InkScape

Have fun !


If you like cut the rope and similar strategic games, you will get addicted for sure! The idea is simple but so great! Well done 🙂

Alex Trimble

It’s a great game with easy to use controls and great art style.


Addictive! Perfect for transport!

Benjamin Sergot

Great game! Simple yet challenging. The first levels are very easy but the difficulty really goes up. Careful, it’s addictive :p

Ye Xia

Challenging and fun!!!

Zane Espin

Visual Brain Teaser Great game with a solid premise,  great work. I played alot longer than I expected and definitely gave my analytical abilities a workout.

Ninja Wacker

Brilliant and inviting puzzle game with great UI and a sense of brain ache. Lovely design and look forward to more games from this developer!


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