Puzzle game Pop N' Blast! got a Major update!
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Pop N’ Blast! was released about 2 weeks ago and the first major update is already available on the Play store! I got plenty of feedbacks from friend and good reviews on the app store that definitely help me better understand what to change in the game to offer a better experience.  In this update, I thus introduced POPs, power-ups and a new ranking system!

Welcome POPs!

First of all, the intern currency of the game, the Hints, have now been replaced with a new one: POPs! And it is not just a matter of name. First, you globally earn more POPs when playing that you were earning Hints. Moreover, this allowed to introduce power-ups for the Puzzle mode!

Hints replaced by POPs


Power-up menu
New power-up menu

Indeed, instead of just getting a hint about the solution of a puzzle, you can now use power-up to complete a level. To use power-ups, you need POPs, and the more difficult the level, the less POPs you need to unlock a power-up! For now, the game offers 3 types of power-ups:

Hint power-up


Gives a clue about which cell to tap

Bomb power-up


Ad a fully loaded electric cell anywhere on the board!

OneMore power-up

One More

Gives an additional touch instead of replaying the whole level again!

Goodbye stars...

And welcome to the new ranking system! The old star system when solving a puzzle was definitely not well-suited to this game. In fact, you earned 3 stars when clearing the whole level at once, 2 when clearing 75% in on tap, and 1 in all other cases. Except that most levels were designed to be cleared at once, so you were getting almost 3 stars each time!

The new system now gives you a rank that depends on the difficulty of the level, the number of times you failed it, and the number of power-ups you used. Better ranks reward you with more POPs than lower ones. And you can now share you rank on Facebook with your friends!

New rank menu
New rank menu

Have fun!

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