Pop N' Blast! released on Google Play!
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To be honest Pop N’ Blast! was first released on the Google Play store for more than a week, but it was definitely time to officially announce it on my dev blog!

Pop N’ Blast is a relaxing and challenging puzzle game for android mobiles that offers two games in one: a Puzzle game and a Battle game – more like a kind of chess game. Both games mechanics rely on triggering chain reactions in order to pop well almost everything on the screen!

Puzzle mode

Pop N' Blast!

In the Puzzle mode, the goal is to pop cells to trigger chain reaction in order to clear all the other cells of the level. There are 3 types of cells:

Pop N' Blast! Normal Cell

Normal cell

Pop N' Blast! Electric Cell

Electric cell

Pop N' Blast! Blocking Cell

Blocking cell

Players can only tap on Normal or Electric cells. When the player tap on a cell, it makes it grow. A cell can grow several times until its critical state. When a cell grows beyond the critical state, it explodes and throw bullets in all four directions! When a cell is hit by a bullet, it grows as well, so that chain reactions can be triggered! As cell explode, they produce notes and create relaxing melodies.

As opposed to the Normal cells, the Electric cells have bullets that directly explode any other cell, regardless of its state.

However, Blocking cells stop bullets from both Normal and Electric cells.

Battle mode

The Battle mode is a multiplayer strategy and reflection game that can be assimilated to some sort of chess game. In this mode, players take turn to place cells of their color on a board. When these cells are placed next to the border or in corners, the start bigger. When a cell explodes, it creates new cells of the player’s color in the neighboring empty locations. It a location is not empty, the cell at this position takes the color of the player and grows. The goal is to create a chain reaction in order to eliminate all the opponents’ cells.

Up to 4 players can play simultaneously on the same mobile, for hours of fun with your friends! Or you can play against the AI with 4 different difficulty levels, from easy to expert – I can’t even beat it myself! To increase the fun, the game comes with many different boards of any size and shape.

Pop N' Blast!


  • Two games in one !
  • More than 1,500 challenging levels
  • Get hints and power-ups to help you solve the puzzles
  • Up to 4 players in battle mode
  • Compete against 4 difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard and expert)
  • Relaxing gameplay
  • Customize your sounds (10+ music instruments)
  • Customize your cells shapes (10+ categories)
  • Unlock new battle fields!

Release was definitely not as easy as expected since it is my very first game for mobile platforms, but I learned a lot and won’t stop here: more games to come, and not only puzzle ones!

Have fun!

Get it on Google Play

If you like cut the rope and similar strategic games, you will get addicted for sure! The idea is simple but so great! Well done 🙂

Alex Trimble

It’s a great game with easy to use controls and great art style.


Addictive! Perfect for transport!

Benjamin Sergot

Great game! Simple yet challenging. The first levels are very easy but the difficulty really goes up. Careful, it’s addictive :p

Ye Xia

Challenging and fun!!!

Zane Espin

Visual Brain Teaser Great game with a solid premise,  great work. I played alot longer than I expected and definitely gave my analytical abilities a workout.

Ninja Wacker

Brilliant and inviting puzzle game with great UI and a sense of brain ache. Lovely design and look forward to more games from this developer!

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