Where to start?

Ok, let’s present myself – quickly. I am a young developper currently finishing a Phd thesis on put-a-complicated-name-here-it-does-not-matter. I have always loved programming and especially developping video games. If I remember right, I mae my own “game” at 14 years-old… So I just decided to start my own game studio!

Seems like a bad idea, right ?

Anyway, let’s do this!

Aside from programming, drawing was also one of my favorite activities – check my deviantart here! – and started 3d modeling  before learning any programmation language.

While I can’t clearly reach the level of professionals, let’s hope it will come handy when developping new games!

In this dev blog,I will thus not only share progress on my current game project, but also post anything related to game developpement or graphics for games.

I will try to cover:

  • Basic stuff in particular for C++ (memory management, advices, …)
  • Framework specific content (Cocos2D, Unity, …)
  • Use of specific libraries (Ogre, RakNet, Boost, …)
  • Advanced algorithms (AI, solution finding, …)
  • Multiplayer networking (Principles, RakNet, …)

But also:

  • 2D graphics (Gimp, Photoshop, …)
  • Vectorial graphics (InkScape, Illustrator, …)
  • 3D modeling (Blender, …)

In short: Welcome! and stay tuned for more content!

Anything related to game developpement or graphics for games

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